Helping You and Your Children Thrive with Guided Imagery!

Stressed and Anxious?  Want more calm and healing?  Heart Talk Now is about nourishing your inner spirit to enhance your best life and the lives of your children.  We focus on Guided Imagery as a powerful tool for adding more peace, healing, and wellbeing.  It’s similar to self-hypnosis, but with more emphasis on your heart and senses to unleash your inner wisdom.  Research shows those who do Guided Imagery can better handle stress, be more creative, happier, enjoy better relations, and success on the job.

We offer children a guided meditation to make naps and bedtime stress-free called “Sleepytime Dreams,” and “Loving Light” to help children settle down and can be used for taming tantrums.  For  parents and educators, we offer services, like custom Guided Imagery sessions and workshops, to help with stress, better sleep, and happiness.

Vicki Atlas Israel, CGIP

Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner • Former Radio Host and Media Specialist

Atlas-6-V2-1000pxAs a Best Mindset Coach and Certified Mind-Body Therapist, Vicki is passionate about helping people thrive. After years of suffering with anxiety and sleepless nights, Vicki rediscovered the power of Guided Imagery. What separates Vicki from others who do Guided Meditation, Vicki is certified in Guided Imagery and has a trained radio voice to help others heal and transform their lives. She will help you discover your inner wisdom through a technique she calls “Mindful Visualization.”  She’s also a parent of children who had attention problems and trouble sleeping.

Vicki has been trained and is certified as a Guided Imagery Practitioner through One Health Academy for Integrative Medicine.  Also, Vicki has been trained by Best-Selling Author Jack Canfield’s “Breakthrough to Success,” and Dr. Joe Dispenza, Best-Selling Author, Neuroscientist and Chiropractor featured in the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know.”  She has learned the latest in neuroscience, brain plasticity, and the impact of guided meditation to help calm and rewire the brain. Vicki uses this knowledge to help her clients in workshops and custom sessions.

As a former Radio Talk Show Host, with a “soul-soothing” voice, Vicki is also a Media Specialist and owner of Atlas Media Productions. She has won numerous awards for her videos and documentaries, and has conducted live business training. She brings this same enthusiasm and expertise to her custom sessions, workshops, and original programs for Heart Talk Now and