Are you ready to access your inner power, turn off stress, heal your mind and body, and inspire effortless success?  Many top athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives use visualization to empower their careers, relationships, health, and business.   In the last 10 years, there have been thousands of studies proving great benefits of using Guided Imagery and meditation for health, relationships, and success.

Vicki has trained with Jack Canfield, Best-Selling Author of “The Success Principles” and Dr. Joe Dispenza, featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.”  Guided Imagery and other success tools can improve the quality of your life. “The Best Mindset” custom sessions help you to lead a more empowered life that begins with a more loving inner coach. You have the power within! Vicki works with you to calm anxiety and unleash your heart’s desires for health and happiness.

Guided meditation and other success tools can power up your personal and professional life for healing, better relationships, performance, creativity, and success. Change occurs more easily in a calm meditative state, in which you dissolve negative beliefs and perceptions that hold you back. If you like, she can include a custom audio recording to take home.  We have various packages and custom sessions that are just right for you!

Ignite Your Best Mindset for Success

Coaching and Mentoring with Vicki Atlas-Israel, CGIP

Best Mindset Coach and Certified Guided Imagery Specialist

  • Experience custom coaching sessions in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, Meditation, and Guided Imagery
  • Become crystal clear on goals and dreams
  • Set action steps to reach your goals
  • Breakthrough internal blocks and negative beliefs holding you back
  • Learn and practice different skills to elevate your life: mindfulness, meditation, tools and techniques, plus interactive Guided Imagery
  • Coaching sessions to learn Meridian Tapping (EFT) using acupressure points for clearing, then ignite with Guided Imagery
  • All Materials
  • Sessions may include custom audio recordings

Bonus Gifts

  • Heart Talk Now Journal
  • The Success Principals by Best-Selling Author Jack Canfield
  • Heart Talk Now Vision Movie: Dreams Meditation
  • Choice of 3 Heart Talk Now audio programs


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