What if you and your child could relieve stress and pain? 

Feel happier, cope better, and enjoy a richer life? 

Inner Power NOW Shows You How


Click to Hear What Jack Canfield Says about Inner Power

New York Times bestselling author Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series® has written the Foreword to Vicki’s new book Inner Power NOW.  Jack is encouraging parents, kids, and teens who may be suffering to read the book and then do the healing meditations. These fun exercises, healing journeys, and mind-body tools are meant for the whole family to enjoy!

Please ask yourself if you’re happy with your life, how you handle stress, and your behavior.  Ask yourself if your teen or child could use help with their anxiety or pain.  Do not let another day slip by in worry or shame, or afraid of your child’s mental state. If you’re ready for more happiness and peace and want the same for your family, then be proactive.   Consider working with Bestselling Author and Best Mindset Coach Vicki Atlas Israel with private custom coaching. 

  • Receive the emotional and spiritual support as you make a shift  
  • Practice letting go of fear and suffering  
  • Learn how to be more gentle and compassionate with yourself and others  
  • Discover your inner power and let love lead the way

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