Coming Soon in 2019!  Inner Power NOW Book!

What if you and your child could relieve stress and pain?  Feel happier, cope better, and enjoy a richer life? 

Inner Power NOW Shows You How!

As a parent, you have so many decisions to make and so many lives that count on you.  We are committed to making a difference to help you and your children live with less stress and more joy.

Make sure to join our Inner Power Circle and Heart Talk Community, so we can send you updates on Vicki’s forthcoming book called Inner Power NOW.   New York Times Best-selling Author Jack Canfield, who co-created Chicken Soup for the Soul Series (TM,) has written the Foreword to Inner Power NOW .   Click here to join our Inner Power Circle and receive a FREE Meditation as our thanks. This is one of the featured meditations in the book to help families thrive.

Our breathing techniques, Best Mindset Coaching, and original meditation programs will help you and your children enjoy more calm and happiness, better health, and relationships.  Vicki’s Inner Power Mindset soon will be researched at a pediatric hospital to prove the effectiveness of using these skills and programs to calm anxiety.

Learn more about our coaching programs to help you stress less and inspire the highest vision for you and your family.  Contact us for a FREE Discovery Coaching Session or shop at our store.   Invest a little time in our programs to transform your life!   


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