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Do you want to feel less anxiety?  Sleep better and wake up refreshed?
  Feel more calm and present with your loved ones?
  Improve your health and happiness?


As a parent and working professional, you have so many decisions to make and so many lives that count on you.  To have an opportunity to relieve stress and empower the best qualities in yourself and your children–that is priceless.  At Heart Talk Now, we’re committed to making a difference in your health and happiness to live a more fulfilling life. Our breathing techniques, Best Mindset Coaching, and original programs at Heart Talk Now will help you enjoy more calm and happiness, better relations, and more abundance.   

Make sure to join our Heart Talk Now community, so we can send you updates on Vicki’s forthcoming book called Inner Power NOW.   New York Times Best-selling Author Jack Canfield, who co-created Chicken Soup for the Soul Series (TM,) has written the Foreword to her book.   Click here to join and receive a FREE Meditation as our thanks. This book features healing meditations to help children and parents thrive.

Invest a little time in our programs to transform your life!  Our workshops and coaching programs will help you calm anxiety and inspire your highest vision for your life.  Learn more about our coaching programs and member programs to elevate your life!  


Vicki Atlas Israel’s Background and Training Includes:

►  Best Mindset Coach and Certified in Guided Imagery
► Trained with NY Times Best-Selling Co-Author Jack Canfield of “The Success Principles”
► Attended advanced meditation training with Dr. Joe Dispenza, featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do we Know?” and author of “You Are The Placebo”
► Studied Mindfulness and meditation with James Baraz, Best-Selling Author of “Awakening Joy”

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