3 Steps to Better Sleep

Do you have problems falling to sleep or staying asleep?  If you’re stressed out, it can be difficult.  Stress can cause hyper-arousal in your body and mind, making it hard to sleep. To make matters worse, when you get little sleep, you may feel even more stressed out.   You know the feeling: tossing and turning and dreading mornings, knowing you barely had any sleep.  I’m one who suffered for years with insomnia until I took these steps to improve my sleep.    These strategies will help you relieve stress so you can sleep better, too.

  1. Take time to unwind before bedtime. One hour before bedtime, avoid doing anything stimulating or stressful. That means avoiding social media, catching up on work, texting, and turning off all electronic devices.  Instead, dim the lights and possibly read a good book, take a warm bath, do some gentle stretching or yoga, or listen to relaxing music
  1. Get Regular Exercise.  Engaging in physical activity is a great way to relieve tension–both in the mind and body. That can be walking, dancing, aerobics or yoga–any way that you like to move that’s fun. It’s best to work out at least three hours before bedtime so that your body temperature can drop to set the stage for sleep. However, if you’re doing restorative yoga at night, that can be a great way to calm down for better rest.
  1. Tame Your Worries.Spend time doing a calming routine—such as deep breathing, Guided Imagery , or progressive muscle relaxation before you go to sleep. These techniques can help you feel less stressed and add to your overall wellbeing.  At Heart Talk Now, we offer Blissful Sleep, a Guided Meditation for deep sleep.

I became a Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner after I experienced a major difference with daily Guided Meditation for sleep and stress relief.  Now, I’m on a mission to help others.  Learning a few mindfulness techniques can help, too.  Also consider working with a Guided Imagery Specialist who can help you learn mindful tools and meditation techniques to prevent worries from sabotaging your sleep.  The more tools you know and use, the more you will awaken to more joy and a better night’s rest.    Please share what works for you for better sleep and share my blog post.:)

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