Helping to Release Anxiety and Stress to Empower Your Best Life

How would you like to feel less stress, anxiety, and get a good night’s rest?  Research shows those who practice meditation,  visualizations, and mindfulness can better handle stress, enjoy better relations, and success.  We offer coaching and workshops to empower you and your children. Vicki is committed to helping you release anxiety and stress, so you may live a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Click here to join our Heart Talk Now community so we may send you updates on Vicki’s forthcoming book called Inner Power NOW.  New York Times Best-selling Author Jack Canfield, who co-created Chicken Soup for the Soul Series (TM,) has written the Foreword to her book.   This book features healing meditations to help children and parents thrive.  You’ll receive a FREE Meditation as our thanks.  

In addition, Vicki focuses on the success mindset skills and building resilience, plus many other tools for adding more peace and wellbeing for you and your children.  

Vicki Atlas Israel, CGIP

Best Mindset Coach | Certified Guided Imagery PractitionerMedia Specialist



As a Best Mindset Coach and Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner, Vicki is committed to helping you thrive. She understands how anxiety and sleepless nights can harm your mind, body, and spirit.   She’s on a mission to empower your best life.  Vicki is a consultant at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital coaching parents and teen patients with her Inner Power Mindset program.  Contact us for a free Discovery Coaching Session

►  Best Mindset Coach and Certified in Guided Imagery
► Trained with NY Times Best-Selling Co-Author Jack Canfield of “The Success Principles”
► Attended advanced meditation training with Dr. Joe Dispenza, featured in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”and author of “You Are The Placebo”
► Studied Mindfulness and meditation with James Baraz, Best-Selling Author of “Awakening Joy”


Vicki has studied and researched the latest in neuroscience, brain plasticity, and how Guided Imagery, meditation, and Mindfulness can help calm and rewire the brain.  As a former Radio Talk Show Host, with a “soul-soothing” voice, Vicki is also a Media Specialist and owner of Atlas Media Productions. She has won numerous awards for her videos and documentaries, and has created and facilitated numerous live training. She brings this same expertise and enthusiasm to her custom sessions, workshops, and original programs for Heart Talk Now and


When you walk out from a session, you feel just so refreshed, so calm.  Your coaching sessions came at a point in my life that I needed a better way to cope, and I feel it has been one of my best investments. 

 Rosemary W.


I now have goals connected to what I value most and am working towards them in a way that reduces my stress.  — Diane B.


Vicki’s approach to coaching sessions, and meditation was easily conducive to my busy work and family lifestyle and offered a great resource to tap into on a regular basis. — Doug R.


My stress levels are down.  I feel more aware of myself and feel I am being guided toward my ultimate direction and purpose.  — Sara K.