Affirmations to Empower Your Life

We lost a great leader in the transformational movement and someone who knew the power of words and affirmations.  Best-selling Author Louise Hay and Founder of Hay House Publications passed away at the age of 90 on August 30, 2017.   She will be missed by many who have come to enjoy her writings, teachings, and affirmations.  Yet, her legacy will live on in the lives she touched at Hay House.  This affirmation is one of my favorites: “All is Well! Everything is working out for my highest good.  Out of this situation, only good will come. And I am safe.”   It’s a great affirmation to say to yourself when you feel unsettled or something does not go your way.

Louise had claimed this affirmation brought miracles to her life.  As she often said, most of us don’t speak very kindly to ourselves.  How’s that been working?   Why not choose another way?  Louise believed that what we think and say, affects our reality.  So be very careful with the thoughts you choose.   That’s why she believed in affirmations that would counteract the negative thoughts that we think.  Louise had a daily practice of saying affirmations in the morning and throughout her day to lift her spirits.  Many transformational leaders, including Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor also practice affirmations.

How do you uplift your life with the words that you choose?   Do you tell yourself you are stupid because you make a silly mistake?  Or you’re not smart or pretty enough.  Or, the world is so unfair.   How’s that working for you?  Why not replace that thought with “The universe is inspiring for my good?”  Or, “I am joyfully living on purpose with ease and abundance.”  I like that one and plan to add that to my daily list.

What’s more is that we may teach affirmations to our children.   Imagine kids that say to themselves.  “I am loved, safe, and protected.”  “I am smart, strong, and everybody loves me.”   It’s so much more loving than the critical thoughts or words we may hear from others.   Here’s a great affirmation to teach your children that I learned a long time ago from Best-selling Author Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series.  When someone says a mean remark, say to yourself, “No matter what you say or do, I’m still a worthwhile person!”  For this week, why not come up with a few powerful “I am” statements about what you want to create in your life. Keep your affirmations in the present tense.  And together, come up with a few for your children.  By the way, “All is Well and will be well!”

Vicki Atlas is a Best Mindset Coach, Guided Imagery Specialist, Former Radio Host and Producer.   Atlas is passionate about bringing more peace and wellbeing to children and adults.  Find her at and for kids. You can connect with her on Twitter and email her at

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