Breathe for Calm-Reduce Anxiety

The world is full of uncertainty right now. The news can feel overwhelming! Many of these world events are out of our control, but what we do have full control over is our reaction to them and how we choose to feel.

As the Coronavirus spreads, so does panic and fear.  It’s important to stay informed as how best to stay safe.  But the more news we hear, anxiety begins to take over.  Studies have shown that high levels of stress and anxiety can weaken your immune system.

Learn this Breathing Technique to Reduce Anxiety and Stress 

One way to release anxiety is to breathe, using a calm and mindful breath.  One of my favorites is known as the “Box Breath” or what I call 16-Seconds to Bliss.  In researching my book, Inner Power NOW, I discovered that the U.S. Navy SEALs use this breathing technique for calm and focus.  If this technique is used before and after every important mission by these elite warriors, then we can use this same breathing for our own stress and anxiety.  You can also teach it to children.

Click on this link at to learn how to “Breathe Like a Navy SEAL












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One more thing, when we’re in stress-mode, our brain and heart are not in sync, so it’s more difficult to think straight and make decisions.  Always know that love is stronger than fear.  Come from your heart and strength inside.  Know that all will be well in the end, even if times are difficult now.  Practice this Breathe Like a Navy SEAL for a few minutes whenever you feel anxiety and stress, especially during this time of uncertainty.  It’s one of the most popular techniques that I teach.

Stay Safe, Healthy and BREATHE!



Vicki Atlas Israel is a bestselling author, mindset coach, and speaker.  Organizations hire Vicki to conduct “Ignite Your Success Mindset” workshops to help teachers, health care providers, and families to reduce stress and pain to thrive.  If you’re needing extra help with stress, anxiety, or better sleep, contact Vicki for a FREE Strategy Session, “Breakthrough Stress and Anxiety” at 

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