Stress Relief at the Holidays: Meditation Tips!

Are you worried about what gifts to buy or what to bring to your next holiday party? All of the “To-Dos that needed to be done yesterday?!” We have some stress relief tips to get you through the holiday season through meditation and mindfulness techniques.

During this time of year, many of us feel stressed. According to a survey in Consumer Reports, here are the top “Holiday Stressors”: crowds and long lines, gaining extra weight, getting into debt, gift buying, and seeing certain relatives. While stress may seem unavoidable, you can change your response to these stressors with a few simple mindful and meditation tips. Try some of these tools when you would normally feel stressed.

  1. Release expectations. Let go of perfection. Repeat after me: “I am not Martha Stewart.”   Let go of buying the perfect gift, or decorating the perfect house. We are a blend of perfection and imperfection. Appreciate the meaning of the holidays, and be grateful for the beauty of family and friends. These are true gifts!
  2. Take mindful breaths. When feeling stressed, stop and take a breath. Notice the present moment. Take 4 deep cleansing breaths, hold for a count of four and exhale on a count of four. You will become more present. You can do this anywhere. Waiting in long lines or at a holiday gathering.   Remember to just stop and take a breath.  This is a small way to stay mindful.
  3. Meditate or do Guided Imagery during this time.  Any moments of peace will help your well-being! Meditation doesn’t mean chanting “om” and sitting cross-legged. Sometimes it can be peaceful spending some time alone, relaxing to music. Or Meditate on the words, “I am calm.  I am relaxed.”  Remember your own self-care during the holidays! At Heart Talk Now, we offer “Stress Buster” a 12-minute Guided Imagery audio program–perfect during the holidays or anytime!

Enjoy the holidays and give the gift of wellness!



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