Combining Meditation and Aerobics Reduces Depression

People suffering from depression may have a more holistic approach to try for treatment. Neuroscientists at Rutgers University have discovered a breakthrough combining Meditation with Aerobics.    Apparently mixing the two shows better results than either done alone.

The clinical intervention is the first of its kind to combine silent meditation with physical aerobics exercise.  Brain health and fitness, as well as psychological exams are given before and after the training program. The research team is led by Professors Tracey Shors and Brandon Alderman.   Having completed two clinical studies with MAP training—Mental and Physical Training—researches found scores on the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) decreased by 40 percent in depressed students.  The participants also showed increases in neuron activity in the brain and reported they were less likely to ruminate about the past or a trauma.

This is how they conducted the study:  participants would practice 20 minutes of silent meditation, followed by 10 minutes of walking meditation, and then 30 minutes of aerobics.  This was done twice a week for 8 weeks, or a total of 16 sessions with these results.  They found depressed students felt much less depressed and more hopeful about their future.

This sounds like a great approach to consider if you suffer from Depression or the blues and see if you find improvement to your symptoms, as well.

Wishing you Peace!

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