Gratitude Meditation

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It’s that time of year during the holiday season when we are more focused on gratitude. Being grateful helps us to feel more abundant, instead of what we lack. Here’s a gratitude meditation to practice. Settle into a quiet place and get comfortable. Please close your eyes. Take a deep breath in on a count of four, hold it. Then release on a count of four. Do this deep breathing a few more times to relax your body. Make sure you release any tension that remains in any part of your body. (Pause for a few moments.) Now place your attention on your heart. Breathe in and out a golden light in your heart. Be thankful for your heart center, which is the seat of your soul and also holds love, compassion, even forgiveness. Keep breathing in love, and breathing out gratitude. Feel your heart expand to someone you love….stay here for a few moments. Now feel in your heart some of the things you are grateful for, like your health, the abundance of nature, the beauty of life, so many blessings. Just breathe in love and breathe out gratitude. Continue to sit in this stillness for a little while, saying “thank you” for your blessings.” As you come back to your body, breathe in this peace and love, than gradually come back to where you are sitting and when ready, open your eyes. Carry this gratitude for yourself and to all you meet throughout your day.

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