Guided Imagery: Visualize Your Future Now

Guided Imagery works: change your vision, change your life.  Over the past 30 years, numerous studies have found that the power of the mind can influence almost every major system of the body–from breathing and heart rate to digestion and immune response. Guided imagery is a tool for focusing your imagination on behaviors or events you’d like to have occur in your life.  These can be for better health, more prosperity, better relationships, or for more peace and calm.

Psychologist and Best-Selling Author Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., believes that visualization is one of the most powerful tools for change. “Many people are propelled by events of the past, but visualization is an act of projecting the present into the future,” says Hendricks. “Visualization changes the dynamics of personal change by pulling the person toward a visualized healthier future.”

Using all of your senses, you picture and feel a detailed movie in your mind of what you would most like to experience in your life. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? What does it smell like?  The practice of Guided Imagery is based on the idea that your body and mind are connected. By providing positive pictures, creative imagery and self-suggestion, visualization can change emotions that affect the body.

For myself, I have experienced a great reduction in stress and better sleep since I’ve been practicing Guided Imagery.   My clients also notice real change.  One person who felt anxiety and major agitation at work now sees the world differently, and things that used to bother her, no longer does.   And her road rage has vanished, as well.

Author and Chiropractor Dr. Joe Dispenza has seen the results from participants in his Advanced Guided Meditation Workshops—some even experiencing spontaneous remission from serious conditions.  He is now conducting studies with Neuroscientists that show the impact of Guided Imagery in brain scans and energy changes.

To begin seeing your own positive change, on my website is a free Guided Meditation to help you get started–“Power Up Your Day.”

Wishing you peace!


Vicki Atlas is a Certified Guided Imagery Coach and Producer of original audio programs for adults and children.  Vicki also provides custom sessions for individuals and groups.


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