Is Your Inner Coach Supportive?

Do you have a supportive inner coach?  And how do we nurture a more loving inner voice?

Near Death Experiences have always fascinated me, in which people are pronounced dead but come back to life.  Do these Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) really occur?  Do patients really go though the light, experience Heaven, or is it the mind hallucinating?

Anita Moorjani, who wrote the book Dying to be Me, experienced something truly amazing with her Near Death Experience.   Dying of cancer while in a coma, she had a miracle occur.   When brought back to life, she had a spontaneous remission whereby her cancer totally disappeared.  While in this higher place, she felt such incredible love–far beyond what any of us can imagine.  Yet, she was told by her deceased father that it was not her time, that her husband and family still needed her.  When she came back after her NDE, she saw her world in a new light.  She realized the old Anita had been extremely harsh and critical of herself, and she no longer wanted to live like this.  We truly have a nurturing supporter higher self—if we pause and let the power in.  Here are some of the things Anita has discovered:

  • Overcome the mind and shift to the heart
  • Create gaps between thoughts, so the soul can hear us
  • Being of service is the “Real Work.”
  • Being attached to outcomes creates stress
  • Trust the Universe has the best plan for you
  • And focus on the states you desire and choose more happiness

You may want to take the following actions that Anita Moorjani recommends in her book:

  1. Go on a “mind fast” to clear your energy to receive inspiration.  Be free of phones, computer and media for 24 hours.
  2. Practice loving yourself more by asking, “What brings me joy?” And then do those things that bring you joy.

Share what brings you joy and how your inner self can be more supportive.

Vicki Atlas is a Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner and Meditation Coach.   Atlas is passionate about bringing more peace to children and helping educators and parents awaken to their best life. You can connect with her on Twitter and email her at

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