Loving Kindness Meditation

Teaching meditation and Guided Imagery, I enjoy sharing this Loving Kindness Meditation.  My clients also appreciate their heart expanding.  Although this Loving Kindness meditation has evolved from Buddhist traditions, anyone can practice this mindful meditation no matter what religion.  The words may also vary.   You begin first sending love to yourself, because without loving yourself first, how can you love others.  After closing your eyes and taking several deep belly breaths for calm, say these words silently to yourself:

May I be happy.

May I be healthy.

May I be free from suffering.

May I live life to the fullest.

Stay with this for a few minutes in silence and repeating the phrases to yourself, feeling your heart expand.  Then, you send this loving kindness to someone who has given you unconditional love.   Feel your heart connecting.  Then say these words silently to that person.  Again, go between silence and these words.

May you be happy.

May you be healthy.

May you be free from suffering.

May you live life to the fullest.

Continue in meditation for a few minutes, saying these phrases.  Then you visualize a friend and say the same words.   After that, you think of someone with whom you have had a conflict and say these words.  This may be difficult but do your best.

Then, spread this loving kindness phrase to those suffering in our community.  Feel your hearts surrounded in light and love.  Feel all the love you spread to others being returned.  Stay in meditation feeling this expansion.   After several minutes, open your eyes and carry this kindness throughout your day.

On this day or any day, spread loving kindness.

Wishing you Peace!



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