Meditation with Heart

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Do you know your life purpose?  I know it may be difficult but try putting it in writing.  Mine is to use my enthusiasm and powerful voice to inspire people to heal, transform, and live their best life.   I am using Meditation and Guided Imagery to help people, like you, tune into your heart at a deeper level.  We need to heal hearts and inner wounding before we can create the bigness of our life.  When we are still, breathe deeply and unwind for a few minutes a day, we are giving our minds a much needed break. This is not easy when we are driven by all of our “to do lists,” emails, and daily tasks.   Quiet that noise, just for a few minutes a day, so you can nourish your inner spirit.

I have always been on this path, but more recently discovered my purpose in doing an exercise about writing down your life purpose.  I’m in a book club and this month we are focusing on “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.  I highly recommend this best-seller.    My wiser self has known this to be my life purpose, and as I take ownership, my world has continued to open up in soul-satisfying ways.  Please share with me and others what you believe your life purpose to be.  Declaring it will help bring it into focus.

Wishing you peace and happiness!

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