Need a Mindset Tuneup?

Combine Affirmations with Visualization

A mindset represents a set of beliefs or way of thinking that can determine your life.  We can choose our thoughts that we think, raise our energy and mindset to higher frequencies, as we affirm our heart’s desires.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction and may have seen the movie “The Secret.”  It’s about the Quantum Theory that “like attracts like.”  For example, Love attracts more love.  If you act more loving and are thankful for the love in your life, more love seems to show up.  The same is true for prosperity.  Gratitude for prosperity creates more prosperity, even if you’re thankful for only having $100 in the bank.  Praise that 100 dollars instead of feeling bad about it.  That money will expand as you have an attitude of gratitude.   But also, if you have a lot of doubts or fear, fear attracts more fear and limitations.  Fear over a lack of money, blocks the flow.

We can help create our mindset by developing affirmations then visualize them into being.  A powerful “I am” statement is helpful, like “I am creating more wealth and prosperity.”  Keep it in the present tense and not “I want” or you’ll be kept in the “wanting state.” Write the affirmation down on a 3 x 5 card and repeat it often throughout the day.  Now, here’s where the real power comes in.  We have to FEEL and believe it’s here for you.  Let go of doubts or fears.  To do that, we need to close our eyes and do a brief visualization or Guided Imagery in which we see the manifestation of what we want.  The more you can see and feel this in all its glory, with all of your enthusiasm and in full-color detail, the more likely this will occur.

Consistency is important as well—keep the visualization going every day for 30 days at least or more.   The great athletes and Olympic stars often use visualization to reach their goals.   High-level executives and super achievers do this, as well.  You can, too, now that you know how to do it with impact.   Once you visualize and are thankful for what you most want, like great health, being fit, or enjoying more loving relations, then release it with gratitude to the universal power to make it happen.

Doing a mindset tune up may take ten minutes a day and is worthy of your time and attention.  Creative visualization and affirmations are a winning combination to expand your mind and power up your life!  One more thing–please share this blog post with your friends and connections.  And yes, I’m visualizing and grateful for you doing this now.

Wishing you peace!


Vicki Atlas is a Certified Guided Imagery Coach and Producer of original Guided Imagery programs and custom sessions:

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