Open Your Heart to Fearless Living

Have you given much thought to your heart lately?   Is it opened or closed? Are you still holding onto grief or heartbreak?  Let’s release old pain so we may embrace fearless living.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a group of women who are opening their hearts.  I salute these brave ladies who are peeling away old stuff so that they may bring more love and what they truly desire.  Having experienced divorce or a hard breakup, they are letting go of resentments, fears, and doubts so they may attract a loving soul mate from a place of upliftment, instead of holding onto anger or bitterness.   Life and Relationship Coach Sandy Tomey is holding that space for them to unfold into a new vision

We combined a beautiful Open Heart Meditation with the Open Heart Expansion Art project co-led by St. Louis Artist Catharine Magel.  Watching them mold clay with their hands seemed to melt away their anguish and tears.  They could see their heart begin to open to possibilities.  It’s a great lesson for us all.  Our hearts are holding a space for us to create a life of purpose, love, meaning, and gratitude.  Our best selves are here to shine, and in order to do that we must let go of resentments and old stuff holding us back, so we can open our hearts just a little more and embrace fearless living.

How many times have we heard of people who have died from a broken heart?   There is a time to grieve, but at one point like these vulnerable women, we must release the pain.  When we finally release, we are then open to receive all of the good.

This process can begin with you mindfully visioning what you truly desire in your life.  Think of it as often as possible, like great sports legends who win Super Bowl Champions or Olympic Gold Medalists.  They have learned the power of visioning with all of their hearts.  So if it’s a loving relationship, better health, success, more connection and purpose, let’s tune in more to our hearts, instead of our head.   Let’s vision more and fear less.  As Oprah Winfrey says, ”If you invite love into your heart space, and to everything and everyone you meet, that elevates your flow and allows unbounded goodness to flow back to  you.”

Share how you would like to open your heart more, or how you have opened your heart in the face of heartache or pain.  Also, if you want to experience the “Open Heart Meditation,” it’s available on my Store page at  Namaste.


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