Blissful Sleep Meditation
Blissful Sleep Meditation with Delta Brain Waves

It’s estimated that 70 million Americans have sleep issues.  If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, this guided imagery program will help you relax and gently fall asleep naturally.  Blissful sleep also has Delta brain waves embedded into the music to help promote a deeper, more restful sleep.   It’s so important to empty our minds before we go to sleep. To release all thoughts and worries so that we can have a restorative sleep. Whether you have sleep problems or not, guided meditation can help you release your day, as you drift off to sleep, so that you may have a deep and restful sleep.

Blissful Sleep Meditation Sample:


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Please Note: Brain Entrainment is intended for adults and not recommended for babies or children under the age of 15, as their brains are still developing. If brainwave therapy is used for a child, it should only be under the supervision of a healthcare professional.  Also, those wearing a pacemaker or prone to seizures should not use brainwave technology.

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Embrace Love meditation
Embrace Love Release Fear (for Anxiety)

There’s a wonderful book called “Love is Letting Go of Fear.”  The point of the book is that you are either feeling love or fear, so choose to embrace love instead of fear and anxiety.   This audio program helps you fall into a deep state of relaxation, where you will feel unconditional love and release all troubles and burdens.  Give it over to a higher intelligence to handle, and then you plant seeds to create the life that you want.   You are then empowered to see all that you are capable of creating, when you see life as abundant, instead of through limiting beliefs.

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Stress Buster
Stress Buster for Adults, Parents and Teachers

Treat yourself to Stress Buster, after a busy day or when you feel stressed out. Turn off your worries and tune into this calming relaxation for stress relief. This audio program begins with meditative breathing. Then, you are gently guided to relax your mind and body, release and let go, as you float into a beautiful destination. You will also hear suggestions and affirmations to help you handle your day in the future with less stress, more confidence and ease. The more you listen, the more you will may be able to turn off stress more naturally and handle life with more grace and ease.

Prices: CD $17.99  •  MP3 $11.99

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