Rippling Power of Thoughts

Our thoughts create our reality.  Throughout history, many wise thinkers have said these words in different ways.   We can harness the power of our thoughts to create a positive reality.  Rather than merely accepting a negative perception, stop and take a breath. We can practice thinking peaceful thoughts instead of judging ourselves and judging others.

Regular meditation allows us to gain mastery over our minds so that we can still our thoughts to focus on the pureness of being. If we mentally dwell on the past or in the future, we may miss the magic of the present moment.

I am reading this book about attitudinal healing called “Teach Only Love,” by Jerry Jampolsky.   How can we focus more on love instead of fear?  How can we experience more peace throughout our day? Harnessing peaceful thoughts can be difficult, when we’re experiencing a bad day; events and people are not turning out as planned.  Especially during these rough times, be gentle with ourselves.  Practice attitudinal healing.  Throughout the day, we can monitor our thoughts to catch ourselves investing in limiting beliefs.   Take a breath in those moments and focus back to the present. Taking a deep breath will help us center our thoughts on being in our bodies right now–a mindful practice.  Relax in the moment, pause into the infinite presence.

Thoughts are things, so be careful what you think.  Our minds are powerful tools that we can harness to create our reality. Through them, we move the energy of the universe into form, which affects our reality. Each thought is like a stone dropped into a pond, sending ripples out into our world to affect all they touch. Think about that for a moment.  What thoughts do you really want to project—the rippled effects of attack thoughts?  Or, focusing on thoughts of peace and forgiveness?  We can choose how we invest our energy, which gives us the power to design our lives each and every moment.  Then we will be acting in the way we want to be.


Wishing you peace!


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