Sleepytime Dreams for Preschools

Through guided imagery, let the Dream Fairy transport your children on a whimsical journey to gently fall asleep – feeling loved, safe, and protected. “Make Naps a Snap and Bedtime Stress Free!” We also offer “Stress Buster” for teachers and parents to relax at home…read more





Custom Sessions:  The Best Mindset

Living your life in worry and fear is no way to live. Vicki knows first-hand how destructive stress can be and how meditation, mindfulness, and other success tools can improve the quality of your life. In our custom “Best Mindset” sessions, Vicki helps you embrace a more empowered life and a loving inner coach…read more





The Best Mindset Workshops & Online Webinars

How would you like to create “The Best Mindset?”  Feel empowered and less stressed at work and home? At Heart Talk Now, we work with groups on Stress Management and more. “The Best Mindset” workshops, Webinars, and programs help you and your team use success tools…read more





Heart Talk Now Affiliate Program

We are very passionate about our meditation and Guided Imagery programs. We know our Guided Meditations will enhance your care as Therapists, Wellness Providers, and Life Coaches. Meditation is all the BUZZ lately, and for good reason. It can help your clients with stress relief, more happiness, and improve the quality of life…read more