Across America, thousands of child care organizations are using “Sleepytime Dreams” to make naps a snap!  We tested “Sleepytime Dreams” at The Goddard School in St. Louis and at Denver’s Mile High Montessori School, along with several other locations with great results!  Children, teachers, and directors have enjoyed the program!  Through guided imagery, let the Dream Fairy transport your children on a whimsical journey to gently fall asleep – feeling loved, safe, and protected. Great for bedtime as well! We also offer “Stress Buster” for teachers and parents for their own relaxation. Invest in these calming programs produced by a Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner and Child Development Specialists.


Sleepytime-kids-01Benefits of Sleepytime Dreams for Children

• Scientific studies reveal that up to 30 percent of children have trouble with sleep.

• Other research demonstrates how Guided Imagery can help children to relax and settle down for rest and relaxation.

• Children’s imaginations naturally ease into guided meditation.

• Piloted program showed that Sleepytime Dreams increases rest and relaxation during nap time and helps teachers because children fall asleep more easily.

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Stress Buster for Parents and Teachers

Benefits of Stress Buster for Parents and Teachers

Research shows guided Meditation can help adults relax, calms the brain, and reduces stress-related illness, even anxiety and depression. Also, Guided Imagery mproves overall well being mentally and physically.  In our pilot program, Stress Buster showed that teachers are re-energized to give their best in the classroom. Stress Buster also increases self-care for adults to be more calm and available!

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Julie Bunton

Owner, The Goddard School, St. Louis, MOSleepytime Dreams 2016

“Sleepytime Dreams was a great addition to our school! It gave the children in the classrooms time to settle down and focus after a very busy morning…This CD is a great way for children at any age to become calm and relaxed before  settling down for a nap or bedtime.”




Stress-Buster-01Patricia Howe, PhD

Child Development Specialist

“It is a great tool to use at home for parents and their children to ease the transition into nap or sleep time while giving mom or dad a way to calm down and be more available upon the awakening of their child.”