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If You Can SEE it…You Can BE it…

Is your team or association members feeling too much stress at work and at home?  What if we could help you and your group stress less and enhance performance?  Thousands of research studies prove the benefits of building resilience with success mindset principles.  Professional sports teams now hire mindset coaches to bring out the best in teams and each athlete.  Why not do that for your team or association members?

At Inner Power Mindset and Heart Talk Now,  we work with organizations and associations to Unleash A Success Mindset. We offer workshops and presentations to help you and your team use amazing success tools and visualization to create a more purposeful life!  We can also help build resilience and reduce stress to help you and your group thrive.

Vicki Atlas Israel is a dynamic speaker/facilitator, Mindset Coach, and bestselling author of Inner Power NOW.   She’s also a consultant and coach at a leading pediatric hospital.  She has a passion for spreading more success, healing, and peace. Vicki has trained with #1 NY Times Best-Selling Co-Author Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles. Vicki has attended Advanced Meditation Conferences with Dr. Joe Dispenza, international speaker, brain researcher, and bestselling author of Becoming Supernatural.  She has been trained in meditation and is certified in Guided Imagery.  Her programs will soon be researched at a major university.

Here are a few testimonials:

I have known Vicki Atlas-Israel for several years now and whenever she speaks, her enthusiasm is contagious.  Vicki is a dynamic speaker with great stories and research to share.  Vicki has spoken at my events and with my small groups.  I’ve also used her guided imagery programs for my clients for healing and removing old blocks.  Her audio programs are quite beautiful and she has a soothing voice with words that flow from her heart. I highly recommend Vicki for your organization for speaking and for elevating your team or members!

Sandy Tomey, CEO and Relationship Coach at Sacred Journeys Coaching | Marketing Chair, International Coach Federation-St. Louis

Our members thoroughly enjoyed Vicki Atlas-Israel’s talk on the Best Mindset for Success.  Her presentation was not only captivating, but she was able to spread calm as well as enthusiasm to the 100 attendees to help us envision our future success.  I highly recommend Vicki for any speaking engagement or workshop! In fact, I’m now doing an online program of hers and enjoying her coaching and tools to enhance my life. 

Rebecca Now, Executive Director, Webster Groves/Shrewsbury/Rock Hill Area Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for your most amazing meditation event and workshops!  Our Weight Watchers members have really enjoyed your presentations.  You make a big difference in creating happiness and peace in the lives of others.  We were so lucky to have you as our guest.  You are a wonderful woman and I am so glad to know you!

Ellen Abramson, Midwest Ambassador and Weight Watchers Team Leader


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