Top 6 Benefits for Group Meditation

Group Meditation for Deeper Connection with Friends and Family

Do you experience anxiety and have difficulty creating a bubble of calm in your life?  Do you crave a deeper connection with your wise inner guide?  Then, group meditation may be for you.  When you experience deep relaxation with other like-minded friends, a bond is created that is more powerful than any connection you have felt before; a unity that transforms your life and brings you inner peace.  Here are the top six benefits for inviting your friends to experience a group meditation.


#1  Get feedback: Group meditation allows you to learn from other people’s experiences. If you are uncertain about how to meditate, your meditation group will model the way to physical and mental peace.

#2 Group activities are valuable to connect: We feel better when doing group activities because we create connections with others, tapping into the same silence and source of peace as your meditation mates can make you feel at peace, comfortable, supported and safe.

#3 Brainwaves can synchronize, so the connection you feel with your meditation partners is not only emotional, but physical.

#4  Reduces loneliness: Loneliness permeates our society. Despite electronic devices and the ease of communication, we lack a feeling of being part of something greater than ourselves.  Meditating with a group creates an environment of acceptance and belonging.

#5 Spiritual support: When you meditate with a group, you achieve a group synergy which uplifts the participants to achieve more spiritual awareness.

#6 Research shows that group meditation creates a ripple effect of inner peace which permeates the environment of the meditators enhancing the benefits of the meditation.

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Wishing you peace!


Vicki Atlas is passionate about helping you and your family stress less, while adding more love and joy.  She’s a Best Mindset Coach, Certified in Guided Imagery, a Consultant at a pediatric hospital, and the author of National Bestseller Inner Power NOW: Healing Meditations to Reduce Stress and Pain so Children and Families Thrive. The Foreword is written by Jack Canfield, famous for co-creating Chicken Soup for the Soul® series. Click Here to order her book or contact Vicki for a FREE Discovery Session at


Affirmations to Empower Your Life

We lost a great leader in the transformational movement and someone who knew the power of words and affirmations.  Best-selling Author Louise Hay and Founder of Hay House Publications passed away at the age of 90 on August 30, 2017.   She will be missed by many who have come to enjoy her writings, teachings, and affirmations.  Yet, her legacy will live on in the lives she touched at Hay House.  This affirmation is one of my favorites: “All is Well! Everything is working out for my highest good.  Out of this situation, only good will come. And I am safe.”   It’s a great affirmation to say to yourself when you feel unsettled or something does not go your way.

Louise had claimed this affirmation brought miracles to her life.  As she often said, most of us don’t speak very kindly to ourselves.  How’s that been working?   Why not choose another way?  Louise believed that what we think and say, affects our reality.  So be very careful with the thoughts you choose.   That’s why she believed in affirmations that would counteract the negative thoughts that we think.  Louise had a daily practice of saying affirmations in the morning and throughout her day to lift her spirits.  Many transformational leaders, including Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor also practice affirmations.

How do you uplift your life with the words that you choose?   Do you tell yourself you are stupid because you make a silly mistake?  Or you’re not smart or pretty enough.  Or, the world is so unfair.   How’s that working for you?  Why not replace that thought with “The universe is inspiring for my good?”  Or, “I am joyfully living on purpose with ease and abundance.”  I like that one and plan to add that to my daily list.

What’s more is that we may teach affirmations to our children.   Imagine kids that say to themselves.  “I am loved, safe, and protected.”  “I am smart, strong, and everybody loves me.”   It’s so much more loving than the critical thoughts or words we may hear from others.   Here’s a great affirmation to teach your children that I learned a long time ago from Best-selling Author Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series.  When someone says a mean remark, say to yourself, “No matter what you say or do, I’m still a worthwhile person!”  For this week, why not come up with a few powerful “I am” statements about what you want to create in your life. Keep your affirmations in the present tense.  And together, come up with a few for your children.  By the way, “All is Well and will be well!”

Vicki Atlas is a Best Mindset Coach, Guided Imagery Specialist, Former Radio Host and Producer.   Atlas is passionate about bringing more peace and wellbeing to children and adults.  Find her at and for kids. You can connect with her on Twitter and email her at

Is Your Inner Coach Supportive?

Do you have a supportive inner coach?  And how do we nurture a more loving inner voice?

Near Death Experiences have always fascinated me, in which people are pronounced dead but come back to life.  Do these Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) really occur?  Do patients really go though the light, experience Heaven, or is it the mind hallucinating?

Anita Moorjani, who wrote the book Dying to be Me, experienced something truly amazing with her Near Death Experience.   Dying of cancer while in a coma, she had a miracle occur.   When brought back to life, she had a spontaneous remission whereby her cancer totally disappeared.  While in this higher place, she felt such incredible love–far beyond what any of us can imagine.  Yet, she was told by her deceased father that it was not her time, that her husband and family still needed her.  When she came back after her NDE, she saw her world in a new light.  She realized the old Anita had been extremely harsh and critical of herself, and she no longer wanted to live like this.  We truly have a nurturing supporter higher self—if we pause and let the power in.  Here are some of the things Anita has discovered:

  • Overcome the mind and shift to the heart
  • Create gaps between thoughts, so the soul can hear us
  • Being of service is the “Real Work.”
  • Being attached to outcomes creates stress
  • Trust the Universe has the best plan for you
  • And focus on the states you desire and choose more happiness

You may want to take the following actions that Anita Moorjani recommends in her book:

  1. Go on a “mind fast” to clear your energy to receive inspiration.  Be free of phones, computer and media for 24 hours.
  2. Practice loving yourself more by asking, “What brings me joy?” And then do those things that bring you joy.

Share what brings you joy and how your inner self can be more supportive.

Vicki Atlas is a Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner and Meditation Coach.   Atlas is passionate about bringing more peace to children and helping educators and parents awaken to their best life. You can connect with her on Twitter and email her at