How’s Your New Year’s Resolutions Going?

It’s nearly three weeks into the New Year.  How’s your New Year’s resolutions going?  One study reports that only one in three of us who make New Year’s resolutions is successful.  Here’s a best mindset tip for success.  Maybe work on just one at a time.  Here’s how to increase your chances of success in whatever new habits you want to achieve.  Turn your New Year’s resolutions into goals.

What’s the difference between a resolution and a goal?

  1. New Year’s Resolution:“I’m want to lose weight in the new year.”
  2. New Year’s Goal:“I will release 15 pounds by March 30th, and I will do so by working out three days a week while also cutting out junk food, adding more veggies, and reducing my food to three meals a day and nothing in between.

This goal is different than the resolution because it is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-limited (S.M.A.R.T.) When it comes to results, you’re far more likely to lose 15 pounds with this kind of goal than a New Year’s resolution.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal

A good goal is one that spells out who is responsible for a desired outcome, and how to meet that outcome.

  1. Specific. A good goal is specific like who, what, when, where, and why. It tells you not only what you eventually hope to accomplish, but also the steps you must take to get there.
  2. Measurable. What will you measure to see success?  In the example above, success means releasing 15 pounds. Being specific is much more effective than the hope or wish of losing some weight.
  3. Attainable. Giving yourself the ability to meet your goals in a reasonable manner helps you avoid discouragement along the way.
  4. Realistic. Realistic goals mean you’re willing to attain the goal. If you are not “willing” to do the work, then don’t set the goal. It will only lead to disappointment. You can pick up the goal when you’re ready.
  5. Timely. Also, make sure that you put a date on the goal. It can be for a special event, or it can just be a date that is about three months away. Giving yourself a time frame will boost motivation.

Now that you know how to make S.M.A.R.T goals, take one of your New Year’s Resolutions and make it happen with these vital steps as outlined above.  Consider who you want to be in the future, and then employ S.M.A.R.T. goals to help you create the life you want.

One more tip, visualize daily how great you’ll look and feel having reached your goal.  Bring in all the positive feelings and emotion.  This will supercharge your efforts.

Vicki Atlas is a Best Mindset Coach and Certified Guided Imagery Specialist.  Vicki is passionate about helping you feel less stressed, more calm, and happier  Find her at You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram or email her at

Are You Connected to Your Inner Guide?

Have you reached out to your Inner Guide lately?  It’s the part of you who is eternal, unlimited, and knows your potential. Your wiser self is forever patient and enlightened.  It understands your life and knows it could help, if you would simply call.

Remember that your higher self is the part of you, who wants only your highest good.  But many of us feel disconnected from our inner power.   Due to stress, depression, illness, or just the busyness of life, we feel out of touch.

My soon-to-be released book called Inner Power NOW will help us connect to that light source within to feel more empowered.  I’m including a few chapters for teens, because there’s a huge need to help them with anxiety and stress.  According to a recent survey published by the American Psychological Association, teens experience even more stress than adults.

As you may know, teens face enormous pressure these days.  The drive to get good grades and get accepted into elite colleges.  They also feel pressure to excel in athletics and lead school activities.  That’s why there’s a growing popularity to offer meditation and mindfulness to teachers and students in education.

I salute this effort.  Teens and young adults will gain enormous strength from connecting to their Inner Guide that will help them when times are tough.  Meditation and Guided Imagery also will help creativity, build focus, compassion, and self-love

Several of my Guided Imagery programs at my store will help with stress relief and connecting to a loving source.  I also work with teens and families in coaching for the Best Mindset for Success.

When we go within through meditation or Guided Imagery, we lower the stress hormone cortisol.  That’s a physical change and in terms of our mind, meditation and Guided Imagery will help teens to become more aware of their thoughts. They can witness a worry thought, without getting caught up in the fear.

It’s helpful to remember that we are resilient. Meditation and Guided Imagery will help us better cope with life on life’s terms with more ease.  You will open up to the more compassionate and creative parts of your brain.

One area that remains vital to success is compassion towards ourselves.  How often do we beat ourselves up that we’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or thin enough?  We can learn to manage that inner critic, by refusing to listen when it starts to criticize.  Do not beat yourself up.  Instead, relax, go inside to your heart, and connect with your Divine self. To help you connect to your higher self, check out my store and the Best Mindset for Success.


Vicki Atlas is a Best Mindset Coach and Certified Guided Imagery Specialist.  Vicki is passionate about bringing more peace and wellbeing to children, teens, and adults.  Find her at and, for kids. You can connect with her on Twitter and email her at

Stress Relief for Parents!

Treat yourself to the gift of calm and stress relief, especially during this holiday season!  As a parent, I know how hard your job may be.   Remember the oxygen mask analogy in a plane?  You must secure your mask first.

Learn a few mindful and meditation tools to add more happiness and peace.  As parents, you deserve ways to add more joy and calm.  This will enhance your relationships and help you be a more present parent.  Join us for this session and come away with tools to enhance your life and the lives of your children.

How would you like to:

  • Empower your parenting
  • Learn tools to help calm your children
  • Embrace a new way of looking at stress
  • Discover ways to relax and enjoy better sleep

Give yourself the gift of calm on Saturday December 2nd!  Join us for this empowering session to create your best life!

Weight Watchers Meditation Session

Come experience a live guided meditation session with Vicki Atlas, a Certified Guided Imagery Specialist.  Vicki produces original Guided Meditations for Children and Adults.  She also offers customized one-on-one coaching to enlighten your life.  Weight Watchers Creve Coeur Open House will be full of education and fun, featuring tools for stress relief.

Tune into Calm,,  and come join the fun!

Affirmations to Empower Your Life

We lost a great leader in the transformational movement and someone who knew the power of words and affirmations.  Best-selling Author Louise Hay and Founder of Hay House Publications passed away at the age of 90 on August 30, 2017.   She will be missed by many who have come to enjoy her writings, teachings, and affirmations.  Yet, her legacy will live on in the lives she touched at Hay House.  This affirmation is one of my favorites: “All is Well! Everything is working out for my highest good.  Out of this situation, only good will come. And I am safe.”   It’s a great affirmation to say to yourself when you feel unsettled or something does not go your way.

Louise had claimed this affirmation brought miracles to her life.  As she often said, most of us don’t speak very kindly to ourselves.  How’s that been working?   Why not choose another way?  Louise believed that what we think and say, affects our reality.  So be very careful with the thoughts you choose.   That’s why she believed in affirmations that would counteract the negative thoughts that we think.  Louise had a daily practice of saying affirmations in the morning and throughout her day to lift her spirits.  Many transformational leaders, including Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor also practice affirmations.

How do you uplift your life with the words that you choose?   Do you tell yourself you are stupid because you make a silly mistake?  Or you’re not smart or pretty enough.  Or, the world is so unfair.   How’s that working for you?  Why not replace that thought with “The universe is inspiring for my good?”  Or, “I am joyfully living on purpose with ease and abundance.”  I like that one and plan to add that to my daily list.

What’s more is that we may teach affirmations to our children.   Imagine kids that say to themselves.  “I am loved, safe, and protected.”  “I am smart, strong, and everybody loves me.”   It’s so much more loving than the critical thoughts or words we may hear from others.   Here’s a great affirmation to teach your children that I learned a long time ago from Best-selling Author Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series.  When someone says a mean remark, say to yourself, “No matter what you say or do, I’m still a worthwhile person!”  For this week, why not come up with a few powerful “I am” statements about what you want to create in your life. Keep your affirmations in the present tense.  And together, come up with a few for your children.  By the way, “All is Well and will be well!”

Vicki Atlas is a Best Mindset Coach, Guided Imagery Specialist, Former Radio Host and Producer.   Atlas is passionate about bringing more peace and wellbeing to children and adults.  Find her at and for kids. You can connect with her on Twitter and email her at

Lean into Positivity

A friend recently asked about the benefits of Guided Imagery.  How does tuning into grace and ease for healthier living sound to you?  Here’s the definition: Guided Imagery is a relaxation technique in which words, sounds, and music are used to evoke positive mental images, feelings, and thoughts.  There are over a thousand studies confirming Guided Imagery and meditation can aid health, improve focus, reduce stress, and enhance well-being.   Children also benefit from leaning into positivity.

All of us can use a little peace from daily stress and the over-active monkey-mind. That’s the chatter of thoughts, many times negative, that seem to go on endlessly. Meditation and Guided Imagery are one of the best tools we have to build brain elasticity and counter negativity and stress. Guided meditation is so easy–turn on, tune in, and power up your life.  Plus, guided imagery can lead to an increase in positive experiences, and connect us to the present moment. Ample research concludes that having a regular practice of Guided Imagery and meditation produces benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Some of these include:

  • Decreased anxiety, depression, and sleep issues
  • Reduced blood pressure and hypertension
  • Lowered cholesterol levels
  • Less production of “stress hormones,” including cortisol and adrenaline
  • More efficient oxygen use by the body and improved immune function
  • Plus, increasing the anti-aging hormone DHEA

It’s an exciting time because the research in quantum physics shows that your perception of reality affects and may even alter your reality. So if the majority of the time you are experiencing negative thinking and beliefs, that is what you will draw into your life. So focus on the good–lean into positivity and gratitude–and watch how your health and wellbeing improve!  Check out our Guided Imagery programs at  We even have one you can download for free.

Wishing you peace!

Vicki Atlas is a Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner and Meditation Coach.   Atlas is passionate about bringing more peace to children and helping educators and parents awaken to their best life. You can connect with her on Twitter and email her at

100 Gratitude List

When you focus on gratitude, negative thinking goes away.  You also feel more connected to your big life and stop worrying about the small stuff.  Today is my birthday and I’ve decided to focus on things for which I am grateful.  I’ve begun a gratitude journal where I write down three things that I’m thankful for daily, but never an entire list of 100.

What are you grateful for and have you completed your list of 100?  Something to ponder on your next birthday or any day.

100 Gratitude List

  1. Spiritual connection to the divine
  2. The Universal Power of love
  3. My husband and soul mate, partner, and friend
  4. My two sons who are blessings
  5. The rewards and challenges of parenthood
  6. Seeing my adult sons successfully launch
  7. My beautiful family and wonderful extended family
  8. My wonderful mother who was so loving and giving
  9. My Dad who was fun but had a hard life
  10. Great sisters whom I cherish
  11. My dearest lifelong friends
  12. My new friends to nurture and grow
  13. My Lovelies Book Club and Mastermind Group
  14. Meditation and the peace that it provides
  15. Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization
  16. My blog readers–YOU–thank you!
  17. Laughter of any kind!
  18. Dance, all forms, especially NIA
  19. Long walks in nature
  20. Cuddling and intimacy
  21. The sea and sand of the Gulf Coast, Florida
  22. Beautiful beaches especially Kauai Island
  23. Moonlight walks
  24. Mountain views of Colorado Springs
  25. Sedona Red Rocks
  26. Chocolate
  27. Wine
  28. Relaxing Whirlpools
  29. Scented Candles
  30. Message
  31. Emotional Freedom Technique (Meridian Tapping)
  32. Classical Music
  33. Great Rock n Roll
  34. Jazz and Smooth Jazz music
  35. Fun loving pets and puppies
  36. Laughing smiling babies—so much joy to appreciate
  37. The Universe inspiring for our good
  38. Knowing that life loves you and me
  39. Life’s challenges (but not too many) that help us grow
  40. Rising above those challenges, taking one step at a time
  41. Great people who gave me opportunities to work with them
  42. Great collaborations for Heart Talk Now
  43. Creative Work creating video and audio programs that make a difference
  44. Working with wonderful clients to help solve problems
  45. Working with a team that makes our programs better
  46. My soul-soothing voice, my gift to share
  47. Creative muses who help spark ideas
  48. Acts of loving kindness
  49. My beautiful warm home
  50. Fireplace and a crackling fire
  51. Great coffee and coffee houses
  52. Hearing live music that’s uplifting
  53. Teas of any kind, especially Vanilla Chai
  54. Vacationing in the Caribbean, meeting new cousins
  55. Weddings that spark new hope of love
  56. Family vacations to exotic fun spots
  57. Good health, much to appreciate
  58. Mindfulness, remembering to breathe and be present
  59. Fun loving movement as exercise
  60. Varieties of great cooking and different ethnicities
  61. Sweet anything, except when I overindulge:)
  62. Spending quality time writing in my journal or on my book
  63. Morning alone time to get centered and calm
  64. Fun new adventures like kayaking or jet skis
  65. Good night’s rest of 7 to 8 hours
  66. Fun shoes and new boots
  67. Himalayan salt lamps that glow and give off positivity
  68. Wise Teachers who have taught great lessons
  69. Clients who teach me more than they will know
  70. Neighbors who watch out for one another
  71. Community who comes together after heartbreak
  72. The wonders of my body, much to appreciate
  73. Wonderful soothing showers
  74. Long soaking tubs
  75. Poems and words that inspire
  76. Great books that keep us engaged with great storytelling
  77. Captivating movies that teach and enrich our lives
  78. A smile that lights up the world
  79. Great authors who inspire us to be and do more
  80. More than enough money to enjoy life (even though I worry over this)
  81. Lucky to be alive and born in the United States
  82. Community who cares about the future of this great nation
  83. Freedom of Speech
  84. Mother Nature and all her glory
  85. All the great plants, animals, and creatures on earth
  86. Beautiful weekend getaways
  87. Comfort food
  88. Comfort clothes like yoga pants and leggings
  89. My space heater for chilly days, keeping me warm and toasty
  90. Rays of sunshine with the hope of new day
  91. Books like “Love is Letting Go of Fear”
  92. Air transportation for quick travel
  93. My Mom Mobile that keeps on going
  94. School teachers who encourage, especially my theatre teacher
  95. To have acted in great plays and musicals
  96. Art and Artists who teach and challenge us to think
  97. Those in health care, so many angels to thank
  98. Days of rest to kick back and chill
  99. This life, may I choose wisely for health and happiness
  100. All of you who have touched my life…I say THANK YOU!

Open Your Heart to Fearless Living

Have you given much thought to your heart lately?   Is it opened or closed? Are you still holding onto grief or heartbreak?  Let’s release old pain so we may embrace fearless living.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a group of women who are opening their hearts.  I salute these brave ladies who are peeling away old stuff so that they may bring more love and what they truly desire.  Having experienced divorce or a hard breakup, they are letting go of resentments, fears, and doubts so they may attract a loving soul mate from a place of upliftment, instead of holding onto anger or bitterness.   Life and Relationship Coach Sandy Tomey is holding that space for them to unfold into a new vision

We combined a beautiful Open Heart Meditation with the Open Heart Expansion Art project co-led by St. Louis Artist Catharine Magel.  Watching them mold clay with their hands seemed to melt away their anguish and tears.  They could see their heart begin to open to possibilities.  It’s a great lesson for us all.  Our hearts are holding a space for us to create a life of purpose, love, meaning, and gratitude.  Our best selves are here to shine, and in order to do that we must let go of resentments and old stuff holding us back, so we can open our hearts just a little more and embrace fearless living.

How many times have we heard of people who have died from a broken heart?   There is a time to grieve, but at one point like these vulnerable women, we must release the pain.  When we finally release, we are then open to receive all of the good.

This process can begin with you mindfully visioning what you truly desire in your life.  Think of it as often as possible, like great sports legends who win Super Bowl Champions or Olympic Gold Medalists.  They have learned the power of visioning with all of their hearts.  So if it’s a loving relationship, better health, success, more connection and purpose, let’s tune in more to our hearts, instead of our head.   Let’s vision more and fear less.  As Oprah Winfrey says, ”If you invite love into your heart space, and to everything and everyone you meet, that elevates your flow and allows unbounded goodness to flow back to  you.”

Share how you would like to open your heart more, or how you have opened your heart in the face of heartache or pain.  Also, if you want to experience the “Open Heart Meditation,” it’s available on my Store page at  Namaste.


Meditation Magic

Are you stressed out?   Feel stuck and out-of-balanced?  Learn how meditation and Guided Imagery can empower your best life.  Let the Meditation Magic begin!  Join us for this Power Up Your Life with Vicki Atlas and Heart Talk Now.

Thursday, November 10th at 7:00 PM

Meditation Magic:  Power Up Your Life!

The Healing Center, Clayton

Vicki Atlas, Certified Guided Imagery and Meditation Coach!

See what others are saying…

Vicki’s approach to meditation and relaxation was easily conducive to my busy work and family lifestyle and offered a great resource for me to tap into on a regular basis.

Doug R., St. Louis

I have recommended your services and will continue to do so, because I believe they can be helpful to almost anybody…Your meditation and Guided Imagery sessions came at a perfect point in my life.  Working with you has been one of my best investments.

Rosemary W., St. Louis

As a Stage 4 Cancer patient I search for ways to move beyond my pain and self-absorption.  I seek personal growth in all areas to make the most of the time I have, my peace of mind, and my daily struggles.  I found that peace through Vicki and our personal guided meditation times, as well as the CD she provided…I appreciate all that Vicki has done for me and I highly recommend her special type of magic. 

 — Suzi T., St. Louis

Need a Mindset Tuneup?

Combine Affirmations with Visualization

A mindset represents a set of beliefs or way of thinking that can determine your life.  We can choose our thoughts that we think, raise our energy and mindset to higher frequencies, as we affirm our heart’s desires.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction and may have seen the movie “The Secret.”  It’s about the Quantum Theory that “like attracts like.”  For example, Love attracts more love.  If you act more loving and are thankful for the love in your life, more love seems to show up.  The same is true for prosperity.  Gratitude for prosperity creates more prosperity, even if you’re thankful for only having $100 in the bank.  Praise that 100 dollars instead of feeling bad about it.  That money will expand as you have an attitude of gratitude.   But also, if you have a lot of doubts or fear, fear attracts more fear and limitations.  Fear over a lack of money, blocks the flow.

We can help create our mindset by developing affirmations then visualize them into being.  A powerful “I am” statement is helpful, like “I am creating more wealth and prosperity.”  Keep it in the present tense and not “I want” or you’ll be kept in the “wanting state.” Write the affirmation down on a 3 x 5 card and repeat it often throughout the day.  Now, here’s where the real power comes in.  We have to FEEL and believe it’s here for you.  Let go of doubts or fears.  To do that, we need to close our eyes and do a brief visualization or Guided Imagery in which we see the manifestation of what we want.  The more you can see and feel this in all its glory, with all of your enthusiasm and in full-color detail, the more likely this will occur.

Consistency is important as well—keep the visualization going every day for 30 days at least or more.   The great athletes and Olympic stars often use visualization to reach their goals.   High-level executives and super achievers do this, as well.  You can, too, now that you know how to do it with impact.   Once you visualize and are thankful for what you most want, like great health, being fit, or enjoying more loving relations, then release it with gratitude to the universal power to make it happen.

Doing a mindset tune up may take ten minutes a day and is worthy of your time and attention.  Creative visualization and affirmations are a winning combination to expand your mind and power up your life!  One more thing–please share this blog post with your friends and connections.  And yes, I’m visualizing and grateful for you doing this now.

Wishing you peace!


Vicki Atlas is a Certified Guided Imagery Coach and Producer of original Guided Imagery programs and custom sessions:

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