Meditate for Weight Release and Wellbeing

It feels as though my life has gone full circle.  I am addressing Weight Watchers tonight for a Meditation Workshop to help members with tools for releasing weight and feeling less stressed. Mostly, I will share the powerful mind-body connection, and how meditation and Guided Imagery can aid in releasing the physical and emotional weight.  I am truly humbled by this beautiful experience.   Healing myself and healing others, for I have had a lifetime struggle with weight!  My first successful diet as a teenager had been through Weight Watchers.

Now what do I say to Weight Watchers members, who hopefully will not judge my non-perfect-size?   All I will say is that I am you and you are me.  I am a work in progress and my path of healing is moving in the right direction.  I do not proclaim to have all of the answers but I have found meditation, Guided Imagery, and other tools to deal with stress.  Plus, I can share the power of Guided Imagery in helping to create the ideal image and lifestyle at a deeper level.

With these tools, I can be a motivator for others:  to help release the burden, release perfection, let go of the fight.   Release the pain, guilt, and shame, the emotional and physical weight.   Allow a healing power of health and wellbeing, and to hold ourselves up to a light of love, peace, and acceptance.   That is what I hope and pray for all who attend the Weight Watchers Meditation Workshop tonight.  Please share your comments on this blog at