The Miracle of Letting Go During Meditation

During meditation, set your intention and then ask for the best outcome.  See what begins to unfold. Be open to something that will guide and send you inspiration during your Guided Imagery and throughout the day.

Some believe when you surrender, you give up in defeat.   But the opposite is true.  When you truly let go of the outcome, you are allowing the divine to help you co-create something even better.  Yet, how many of us want to hang on to total control?  How is that working?  What if we let go just a little?

Giving up just a bit of control can help us feel less stressed and anxious.   Do we really believe we have all of the answers?

Especially at this time of year in celebrating miracles, remember the miracle of who you are at your core.  Trust that you have a supportive higher self that loves and sees your true potential and is totally on your side.  That’s my holiday wish for you to find your loving inner coach!   Please share your comments on this blog at

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