Today Is World Sleep Day

Are you sleeping soundly?  Many of us continue to drive ourselves at night with work, catching up on Social Media, googling our phones or tablets, and then wonder why we have insomnia and cannot sleep.  And what about our children?  Pediatricians report that more than one third of young children have sleep issues.  In today’s post, we’ll talk about children, and in an upcoming post, we’ll share recommendations for adults

Recent studies show how poor sleep early in childhood may be linked to later cognitive and behavioral problems.  According to Chief of Pediatrics at MassGeneral Hospital, Elsie Taveras, MD, their latest study suggests that early poor sleep at age 3 to 4 had persistent effects with more hyperactivity and inattention, emotional, conduct and poor peer relationships.

As a Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner, my specialty is helping children, parents, and professionals release stress and sleep more soundly with Guided Imagery and meditation techniques.  We offer an audio program called Sleepytime Dreams on our website using Guided Imagery for children.  Having been tested at four different preschools, the program works.  All children, especially those at risk from poorer neighborhoods, in foster care, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or Autism all fell deeply asleep and awakened more refreshed at naptime.   And at home, parents also report, with Sleepytime Dreams, that even problem sleepers fell asleep quicker and stayed asleep at bedtime.

Since sleep is so vital for repairing young minds and bodies, help our children sleep more soundly.  Please share this post to raise awareness of how important sleep is to our children for their early learning, social, behavioral, and growing needs.  Also, share your thoughts.

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