What’s Your Vision in the New Year?

As we embrace the New Year, do you have a clear vision of your future?  There’s a visioning process that may help you make the most of your best intentions.  It’s inspired by the Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, bestselling Author featured in the movie “The Secret” about the Law of Attraction.  He’s also written books and has audio programs on the Life Visioning Process.

You may do this alone or in a group.  It can be quite powerful when you gather in a group and hold good intentions for yourself and others.

Visioning Process Guided Imagery

Have a journal or paper with you for this Guided Imagery.

Close your eyes, and take a couple of deep breaths in and out.  Release all negativity, stress and tension in your body, as you breath in peace and release your breath, saying “free.” (Pause for 20 seconds.) Sense and imagine the love that is all around you and invite this loving presence into your heart. (Pause for 20 seconds.) Find this inner light within that wants to feel joy.

This loving light wants to express through your body to create and expand.  Take a few moments to sense this energy inside your body now.  In your mind’s eye, take a minute to notice its size, shape and color.  Whether it’s huge or very small, this does not matter.

Next, move your awareness into this energy.  Welcome this part of you that wants to feel joy, creativity, love, and peace. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes on this journaling and visioning process.

Ask Your Inner Coach Questions:

  1. “What is the divine vision for myself in the New Year?  What does it look and feel like?    Allow all sensations, images, messages to appearTake some time to freely receive whatever thoughts, feelings, images etc. that come.  Then record them on paper allowing several minutes.
  2. How does my life look as this divine vision for 2019 manifests? Consider your relationships, health,  success and prosperity.  What is wanting to come through as your higher self? How are you acting and flowing as this future self? (Pause and receive whatever thoughts, feelings, images etc. that come. This may take a few minutes.)  Then, record them on paper.
  3. What needs to be released for this vision to manifest?  Pause and receive whatever thoughts, feelings, images that may come. (This may take a few minutes.  Then, record them on paper.
  4. What else wants to be known?
    (freely receive whatever thoughts, feelings, images etc. that come…
    record them on paper allowing several minutes)

After you’ve completed the visioning, spend time talking or writing about the meaning of these images, thoughts & feelings.

Allow them to formulate into a sense of direction for the coming year.

Wishing you the best in 2019!


Vicki Atlas is a Best Mindset Coach and Certified Guided Imagery Specialist.  Vicki is passionate about helping children and parents feel less stressed, more calm, and happier  Find her at HeartTalkNow.com. You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram or email her at Vicki@HeartTalkNow.com.

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