Imagine less stress and more calm for you and your children. How would that help their young minds?  How would that enhance your life?  Let’s create the Best Mindset for success and wellbeing. Research shows those who meditate and practice Guided Imagery and Mindfulness techniques can better handle stress, and also improve relations, health and happiness. Our Best Mindset tools, workshops, and programs will help you calm anxiety, enhance healing, ignite your inner power, and empower your best life.  Invest a little time in our programs and transform your life!

Vicki Atlas-Israel has studied with Best-Selling Author Jack Canfield of the Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, Best-Selling Author and Neuroscientist featured in the film What the Bleep Do We Know!  She is certified through ONE Health Academy of Integrative Medicine.  She’s also studied MIndfulness and attended Mindfulness retreats with James Baraz, Best Selling author of Awaken Joy. For many years, Vicki had suffered from anxiety and sleepless nights until she found help through Guided Imagery and meditation. Now, her passion is to help others with The Best Mindset.  These powerful programs are created by a Former Radio Host with a soul-soothing voice.

Our aim is also to reach children–so vulnerable to stress–and to offer healing and comfort with the Calming Corner and “Sleepytime Dreams.” We want to provide Best Mindset tools to help them thrive.  We help parents and teachers, too, with “Stress Buster” to embrace more ease.  For business teams, invest in our Best Mindset Workshops and Custom Sessions.

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